Art that cost $540,000 to USPS

USPS came into limelight when it was pulled into court for infringmnt of rights for using the¬† art ‘The Column’ in postal stamps.

The Column was created by an artist Frank Gaylord , a WW II veteran, as a Korean War Veterans Memorial. It is an installation of 19 life size soldiers in stainless steel statues that is depicting a uniformed squad on patrol.


The Coulumn

The USPS decided to issue a stamp to commemorate the upcoming 50th anniversary of the Korean War armistice. It decided to use a photograph of The Column that was taken by photographer John Alli during a snow storm in 1996.


The Stamp

USPS paid Mr. Alli a one time fee of $1500 for the right to use his photo as the stamp face. But USPS didn’t datk concent of Mr. Gaylord to use The Coulmn, as the photograph was a derivative work of the art created by Mr. Gaylord.

The US Court of appeals for the Federal Circuit upheld aan earlier decision that United States Postal Service must pay 10% of the revenue ($5.4 Mn) that mean $540,000 to the artist Mr. Gaylord.

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Earlier to that, Court of Federal Claims had ruled that Mr. Alli has already been paid and the Government does not seek reversal to subtract that $1500 payment.