Art in General – Manhattan

Art In General


Situated at west end of Chinatown and you can feel that with the smell of Chinese food in the gallery. Art In General is actually a non-profit organization and it focuses on East European artists. The showcase is the most open type available in any of the gallery at present. Being situated on the 6th floor of lower Manhattan loft building the outside and view makes it even more amazing, and at the small storefront which is often converted into screening room. When you arrive at the building, we will not advice you to walk up as the sound and video art is presented in the elevator, and if you walk up, you are really going to miss it. If you are a fan of art and happen to be in Manhattan, then we will advice you to be at Art in General. You must!

The experience is way more different from any other gallery in the area. The collectors often visit to enjoy the gallery it self.