Abstract Art & Modern Interior: Choosing The Right Combination

Modern interior pictures are not anymore ‘paintings in the room’. They are an element in the room and a symbol of the emotion it conveys. If it is a living room, it should harmonize with the colors of it. If it’s the bedroom, it should blend with the design of the interior. Practically, abstract art and modern interior are a combination that works only when they reflect each other’s colors and space.

So, how to choose the right modern interior colors – and choose the best abstract art for them?

In a nutshell, the key is to connect the harmonizing colors and make the picture finish off a room by adding the most vital element to it. Abstract art and modern design are nowadays all about being clean and simple.

Wondering how to achieve this?

Analogous Color Palettes For Interior Design

Going with an analogous color palette is best when the colors of the painting blend with the interior colors of the setting – and also the surrounding colors. This makes a statement of texture and large proportion as the major interest points. Analogous color schemes are known for the similarity of each color featured on them, and are able to match serene and comfortable designs. Inspired by nature and pleasing to the eye, they can be mixed with interior design at ease.

‘Major Statement’ Arts In Space

However, abstract painting is not all about harmonizing and blending well with the space. Sometimes, interior designers want it to ‘pop out’ in the space and add impact. This can be best achieved by using abstract art with a complementary family of colors including both bold and distinct colors. These shall include colors from the opposite side of the color wheel mixed with the interior. For example, a dark blue image can pop out really well in a light yellow or orange motives.

It’s About Intriguing And Challenging

Abstract art is all about meeting the eye with a real purpose. It’s about charm, intrigue and challenge to the viewer. It should be pleasing in an emotional and personal way – yet setting your mind aside from the traditional views.

There is a lot of abstract modern art and how to blend it with the modern space and interior. Therefore, when looking for abstract art for interior, you should be focused on finding a piece that will both harmonize and stand out – and still have a real purpose and meaning in the space.